The Team® brand was founded by Henry Taft in the 1950’s. Henry became well known in Australia for inventing one of the country’s first life jackets, the TAFT.

Team was acquired in late 2008 and became part of the Grip Group of Companies. This acquisition has allowed the Team brand to expand and deepen its product offering. Today, Team® develops, manufactures and distributes products in the following product categories:

– Team® Work Boots

– Team® Gumboots

– Team® Waterproof Gloves, Socks & Beanies

– Team® Industrial Hi-Vis Rainwear

– Team® Kids Rainwear

– Team® Fishing Rainwear & Waders

– Team® Adult Stowaway Rainwear

– Team® ‘Waterproof” Bags & Accessories

Innovation, Integrity and Honesty have shaped our culture and business ethos for nearly 60 years. We believe this is a tribute to our pioneering founder. Our constant goal is to provide durable, affordable, comfortable and relevant product for our customers.

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